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Petrovrotti Inka

"Inka", DOB 10.4.2011
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Sire: Rockdalestar Astor
Dam: Petrovrotti Zara


Inka is a large substantial bitch with excellent bone strength.  She has a strong head, dark eyes and pigment. She has a beautiful temperament.

Inka is the daughter of our Multi V Rated Petrovotti Zara  and mother of our promising puppy bitch Vonzennith Bertina.

We look forward to campaigning her in 2015 after her litter to Vonzennith Herro. She is a pleasure to have in our home




Inka with her mother, Zara


Petrovrotti Inka

Rockdalestar Astor  
Petrovrotti Zara

Dandi Von Der Maxi Rott (Imp HRV)

Rockdalestar Carrera

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